Quote of the Day: I felt it shelter to speak to you. – Emily Dickinson

I am in a group called Faithful Mothers. We gather on Monday mornings to connect about our faith, our families, and our lives. Yesterday, I led us in journaling about our Thanksgiving weekend. I said, “Let’s journal in the old-fashioned sense of the word. What did you do over the weekend? You could list your activities. Who was there, whom were you missing? What would you have done differently?” If you wish to journal, this would be a great place to start. The holidays are filled with activities and emotions, and when you write them out, you see patterns of your life, know your longings, and feel the emotions.

We had thankfulness and joys to share, but also sadness and grieving. Seems this was the week of difficult diagnosis. The women wrote of loved ones who were diagnosed with cancer, a stroke, loss, separation. We wept together. We prayed together. We laughed together, and we felt each other’s love and God’s presence.

God brings us together for love and support. We Faithful Moms needed each other this week, and I am so thankful for the beautiful women who gather together to encourage one another and to lift each other up.

I counseled my nine-year-olds and their buddies one day this summer. “When you feel sad and alone, God will always send you someone to help you.”

Advent is the season of Hope. May you feel Hope in the love and care of Faithful Moms in your life, and in the children they’ve nurtured.

Journaling or comment prompt: When have you been there for someone? When has someone been there for you?