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IWSG February 2014


Quote of the Day:  Why not you. Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson, leaning into the cameras after the big win on Super Bowl Sunday. He said that’s something his dad would say to him. It gives you this inner courage. You are just as likely to be successful as the next guy (or gal), so why not you.

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It’s a shock to me, too, that I’m quoting anything that has to do with football, especially The Big, Overpriced, Over-inflated, Out of control Testosterone Game. I had stopped watching it after the year of all the raunchy commercials when my 11-year-old son looked up at me and said, “I don’t think I was supposed to be watching that.” Referring to something offensive about women by a certain web company. Yuck. 
But, on Sunday afternoon, I made veggie dip for our non-party, found myself craving chicken wings, and ordered them up with a few pizzas. The Biker Chef wanted to watch the game, so I pulled out my knitting project and settled onto the couch. I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the commercials were family friendly, and some of them quite clever. My fave was Ellen DeGeneres and the Three Bears.
And, I was inspired by Russell Wilson, that cute, little, young quarterback from the Seahawks. He didn’t let negative voices stop him. He listened to his dad about valuing education first, sports second. He rose to the top, and he led his team to a win. He even inspired this non-athletic writer/musician to dare to become successful.
How about you folks? Why not you. Now, go out and do it!
Go. Create. Inspire!
Journaling Prompt:  When have you been surprised by inspiration? What is it that you really want to do? Why not you.
  1. Such a simple phrase, but so inspirational.

    I truly believe we can achieve more just by trying a bit harder and believing in ourselves.

  2. Whoo hoo!! Yes, why not you!?

  3. I didn’t hear that! I love that quote. As a matter of fact, when I’m expressing doubts about me or our kids, my husband says something similar. Guess he’s a pretty smart guy 🙂

  4. “Why not you.” I love this. Three little words that pack a powerful punch 🙂
    Superbowl ads: I have to say I liked the Radio Shack one. It must have been my inner Dee Syder coming out 😉
    -Becky “Franticmommy”

  5. It’s true – this is such a simple string of words but so powerful. and so true!!

    Why not me? 😀

    It’s nice to meet you (not sure if I have before …). I’m a musician and writer as well 🙂

  6. I like that quote too. Why not you? I’m not big on football, but it’s true.

    I carry a journal around with me everywhere. If I’m struck by an idea, I’ll stop what I’m doing to write it down. If I don’t have my journal (mini-thing that fits in my purse) then hopefully I have my phone with me to write it down.

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